Climate Change Initiatives Are Vital To Billionaire Investor George Soros. But Why?

In 2009, after being convinced by former Vice President Al Gore of the urgency of the climate challenge, Soros pledged to personally donate $1 billion to renewable energy, simultaneously stating that Gore “lacked any scientific expertise” however “the one thing I have is the ability to put money to work”.

In the same year, Hungarian-born U.S. billionaire financier and philanthropist also announced he would create and fund a new climate policy foundation, donating $10 million a year for the next 10 years to the Climate Policy Initiative (CPI) thinktank.

The CPI would be ran by Professor Thomas C. Heller from Stanford University who had spent “30 years doing research on the rule of law, international climate control, global energy use, and the interaction of government and non-governmental organizations in establishing legal structures in the developing world”. Posted below is a screenshot from Stanford Law’s directory which lists, amongst other subjects, Heller’s Affiliations and Honors.

It’s important to note that Heller is also on the Advisory Board for the Revenue Watch Institute, which is a part of Soros’ multi-billion dollar foundation, the Open Society. Heller’s other achievements include winning the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore in 2007, as well as being a member of the UN panel of experts that estimates the effects of climate change. The Revenue Watch Institute posts various articles and information from hired journalists, such as a piece called “When Oil Prices Drop, Corruption Risks Can Rise” by an author and Revenue Watch Advisor named Alexandra Gillies, who argues on her Twitter statements like “oil corruption can block climate change”.

BACK TO HELLER. The main concept of Heller’s Soros backed ‘Climate Policy Initiative’ was that nations building low-carbon economies need support in developing and implementing effective climate and energy policies. In 2012, Heller issued a statement declaring that “it is up to the emerging countries to lead the transition to a New World Order where being sustainable will be a tremendous competitive advantage.”

Acknowledging China as the biggest polluter in the world, Heller states that “China has dedicated 400 billion dollars to clean energy projects and energy efficiency which will increase the proportion of wind energy that the country consumes from 1.5% to 3% of the total by 2015”. In other words, Heller claims that “this will enable a reduction of some 400 million tons of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere every year – 5% of what is currently released.” He goes on to discuss several other initiatives to better China, such as a massive program to “expand public transportation and water treatment plants for water reaching the cities”. 

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Heller from 2012 discussing why companies and politicians would want to spearhead the New World Order. Heller admits that monetary gain, good returns, and portraying a “good image” is the driving force behind such decisions to support and push the idea of the New World Order.

An excerpt from an interview with Heller discussing the New World Order in 2012

Around this time, George Soros stated: “There is no magic bullet for climate change, but there is a lethal bullet: coal.” A report produced by CPI in June 2014 concluded that transitioning away from coal represented a cost-effective way to reduce emissions. CPI declined to comment on their benefactor’s apparent inconsistency, as Soros also had investments in 2 coal companies at the same time.

CPI acknowledges that “limiting global temperature rise to below 1.5°Celsius while achieving sustainable development will require trillions in new investments, and a deliberate shift toward low-carbon, climate-resilient economic models. However, attributing to “deep expertise in policy and finance, CPI’s analysts and advisors help governments, businesses, and financial institutions drive economic growth while addressing climate change”. Brazil, China, India and Indonesia are listed on CPI’s website as the main regions of focus, but they also have a “global” section, as well.

The CPI also funds the Climate Finance Lab, a public-private partnership established in 2014, that unites and accelerates government and private sector efforts to “scale up climate finance”. The Lab identifies and launches “transformational proposals in developing countries that will mobilize private investment atscale.

The Lab network accelerates well-designed financial instruments that can unlock billions for energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable transport, climate smart agriculture, and curbing deforestation, while also reducing private investors’ risks and improving their financial returns“.

Organizations that fund “The Lab”

The Lab’s guidelines are listed in 18 pages worth of PDF documents that plan through the year 2022.

A screenshot of the pre-planned global meetings

On the very last page, it states that the 4th external goal of The Lab is to “influence the climate finance conversation by demonstrating real solutions that
work on the ground, and share these solutions with the broader sustainable
development community in accordance with the aims set out in the Paris Accord
and Sustainable Development Goals”.

(SIDENOTE: The Paris Climate Accord is global environmental deal that Donald Trump removed the United States from, claiming that America was getting the short end of the stick. On June 1 2017, Trump further stated that he was willing to “immediately work with Democratic leaders to either negotiate our way back into Paris, under the terms that are fair to the United States and its workers, or to negotiate a new deal that protects our country and its taxpayers”.)

Bloomberg.com (owned by Michael Bloomberg) published an article on November 14, 2014 stating that former President Barack Obama would pledge $3 billion to a United Nations climate-change fund that’s intended to help poor nations boost renewable energy and counter the ill effects of global warming”. The pledge made the U.S. the largest donor to the newly established Green Climate Fund, a combination of efforts to secure an accord within the UN to combat global warming.

Michael Bloomberg and Trump have had public spats in which they call eachother out; Bloomberg (D), a native New Yorker ran for President in the 2016 election but dropped out; Trump obviously won. Bloomberg’s site publishes articles on politics and current events and is especially fond of discussing Donald Trump. Remember that the two have a long history of knowing each other. Both rich AF, both New Yorkers, both have issues with each other for various reasons.

On June 16, 2015 The White House declared they would be hosting a “Clean Energy Investment Summit” where former Vice-President Joe Biden would announce $4 billion in commitments by major foundations, institutional investors, and others to fund innovative solutions to help fight climate change. The article notes that philanthropists can assist in funding the earliest stages of clean energy innovation where “bold new ideas are emerging from {our} labs, universities, and startups, while investors can scale up the most promising of these innovations”. Invest in new ideas, make more money. Okay.

CPI recently published an article claiming that the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a once-in-a-generation opportunity for countries to ‘Recover Better’ by investing in renewable energy”. The main focus of Recover Better is upholding the “Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG7)” that calls for “affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all” by 2030. CPI is a major funder of SDG7.

Goal 7 targets to complete by 2030 listed on UN.org

All of these topics discussed point directly back to George Soros. He is a huge proponent of climate change. The Washington Times posted an article in April of 2017 publicizing the “People’s Climate March”, stating that Democratic Party donor Soros had contributed over $36 million between 2000 and 2014 to 18 of the 55 organizations on the march’s steering committee”. The sole purpose of the People’s Climate March? The MSM declared it an “anti-Trump” event created to “drown out all of the climate-denying nonsense that has been coming out of this {Trump} Administration.”

We know for certain that Trump and Soros have completely different ideas on the “energy” revolution that is supposed to finalize the New World Order, planned out by billionaire investors, rich globalists and politicians around the country. Is it truely because of a care for the environment? Or is dominating the energy sector for monetary gain the true reason? If these globalists own our energy, and by 2030 they want to entirely change the system (ie: electric cars etc), then this small group will be in charge of all the energy in the world. Then what? Is the desire to help third world countries and developing nations the ultimate goal or is it the ultimate power takeover, when the entire world depends on you for energy?

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