Project Veritas Releases Undercover CNN Footage Revealing Network Bias

Thanks to Project Veritas, an organization whose declared mission is to “expose corruption”, some previously unreleased recordings of the president of CNN, Jeff Zucker and his team’s daily 9AM “rundown calls”, have officially made their way into the public eye as of this morning. Project Veritas is spearheaded by American conservative political activist, James O’Keefe, who released the first part of the recordings on Twitter and Project Veritas’ website today. The recorded calls from the daily CNN briefings contain conversations between CNN journalists and other team members that are filled with political bias against President Donald Trump, Fox Host Tucker Carlson and other conservative figures.

James O’ Keefe labeled this footage as an investigation into CNN, the mainstream station who he claims has “once again has demonstrated their partisan political agenda and total disconnect with journalistic ethics”. CNN labels themselves “the most trusted name in the news”, yet O’Keefe states that the network “routinely bashes people simply because those people hold certain political views that are not aligned with the mainstream media”. CNN Vice President of Global Programming, Marcus Mabry, referred to Tucker Carlson as a “naked racist” who hosts a nightly “white supremacy hour” on these tapes.

O’Keefe says the mainstream media needs to be held accountable. According to his livestream this morning, Project Veritas will be releasing recorded audio tapes every evening this week at 7PM eastern time.

Check out other videos and recordings HERE and on James O’ Keefe’s Twitter.

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