Fulton County, Georgia, Re-Certifies Election Results in 9AM Zoom Meeting

Mark Wingate voted “no” to certify, stating inconsistencies in the results from the November 13th certification and the recount. He claimed that although the discrepancies are minor, the end results should be the same.

Dr. Kathleen Ruth voted “no” on certification as well.

Vernetta Keith Nuriddin voted “yes” after claiming she was unsure due to multiple discrepancies regarding the election numbers, stating that “the whole point of the paper ballot auditable trail is that we have a piece of paper for every vote caster”.

Richard L Baron, director of elections in Fulton County claimed that any discrepancies between the November 13 certification numbers and today’s numbers were due to lack of proper resources during recount. After certifying, Nurridin voiced that she was extremely uncomfortable going forward with the results, stating that “the notion that our process or lack of resources, when every resource has been from the county…to say that we don’t have enough resources, it just doesn’t really make sense.”

Baron declared that “there are just completely different ways that you count these ballots over time and it’s really hard to come out exactly the same” and “when you are counting with three different measurements it is likely you will get 3 different things”

Mary Carole Cooney voted “yes” on certification and was determined that electors get down to the election center in order to certify vote and sign documents by 12 pm deadline today. She claimed that her vote to certify was due to no “discrepancy large enough to change the election in the state”

Aaron Johnson voted “yes” on certification as well.

3 voting “yes” was enough to certify. Each “yes” vote must provide signature documentation by 12 PM in order to officially certify Fulton County.

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