BREAKING: Patriots Have Made Their Way INSIDE THE CAPITOL AND SENATE CHAMBER! — Pence Evacuated, Lawmakers Sheltering in Place

Patriots have made their way past barricades after clashing with police and are inside the Capitol building. After a brawl between law enforcement and Patriots outside, they made their way in the Senate chamber and throughout the halls.

Word is right now, it is “peaceful”, however there are armed guards with guns on the second floor. Stay tuned for LIVE updates.

Update: President Trump issues video asking those in Washington DC to remain peaceful and go home. Unfortunately some outliers who do not represent the Patriots movement, wreaked havoc on the Capitol today.

UPDATE: Injured woman being wheeled out on stretcher from US Capitol. Patriots inside scream that woman has been shot. Video of law enforcement shooting below. (Warning: Graphic Footage)



Patriots and Law Enforcement clash outside of the Capitol:

Crowd Breaks into Capitol by breaking glass window and barging through front door:

Protesters gather inside Capitol outside of Senate chamber.
Patriots break into third floor of Senate:

President Trump asks Patriots to remain peaceful towards Capitol Police and Law Enforcement.



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