Georgia House of Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene

House Votes To Strip Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Of Committee Duties

Today the House of Representatives voted to strip newly elected freshman, Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, of her committee duties after past “controversial” comments she had made years back recently re-surfaced in the media.

Such a move represents the overall divide within the Democrat-controlled House, as 11 Republicans also voted to punish Rep. Greene, who has only been in the House for one month and one day. The final vote tally to remove Greene from her committee assignments was 230-199. House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy labeled the Democratic push to remove Greene a “partisan power grab” in a statement released Wednesday evening and again in his speech on the House floor.

McCarthy explained how he discussed issues with Greene in a private meeting, in which he told her that as an elected official she must hold herself to a higher standard than as a private citizen. Many were calling on the House Minority Leader to strip Greene of her committee duties himself, which he stated he would not. McCarthy did offer to remove her from the Education and Labor Committee while keeping Greene on the Budget Committee, a resolution which Democrat House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer refused.

Democrats removing constituents from duties for past statements or being publicly vocal about personal beliefs that they themselves don’t align with represents a dangerous trend occurring in American culture. It allows politicians to “punish” those they disagree with by bringing irrelevant past “scandals” into the mix. Representative Greene is a strong “pro-life” Trump supporter and makes no apologies for it.

Rep. McCarthy voiced his frustrations with Democratic double-standards by bringing up their refusal to remove Rep Ilhan Omar from her committee duties following inappropriate and controversial “Anti-Semitic” and “9/11” remarks. He also discussed Nancy Pelosi’s decision to keep Rep. Eric Swalwell on the Intelligence Committee, despite his past long-term relationship with Chinese Communist spy, Christine Fang.

The Republican leader issued a veiled threat promising that the GOP would utilize similar tactics towards Democrats if majority control switches in the future.

“You’ll regret this and you may regret this a lot sooner than you think,” McCarthy declared. “We have a long list”, he echoed.

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan also supported Greene in his statements made on the floor. “This cancel culture will not just come after Republicans”, he said.

“I’m a very regular American just like the people I represent in my district and most people across the country” said Greene in her floor remarks, who states that former President Donald Trump is the one who inspired her to get involved in politics. “I want to protect our freedoms”, Greene declared into the microphone, as she addressed the House floor in her “Free Speech” mask.

Greene has been accused mainly by Democrats of spreading “Q-anon conspiracy theories” prior to her election to congress. Rep. Greene claims these groups initially interested her because of their discussions about fake Russian collusion in the 2016 election “which are conspiracy theories also, and have been proven as such”.

“School shootings are absolutely real”, said Greene. “9-11 absolutely happened. I do not believe that it is fake”. The freshman Representative went on to state that “these were words of the past. They do not represent me. They do not represent my district. They do not represent my values.”

Greene went on to address the many issues with Big Tech and the media and how both are a strong driver of the “cancel culture” movement in our world today. “We have to do better”, the Georgia native said. “We are in a real big problem. Should we stay divided like this? Should we allow the media who is just as guilty as Q-anon to divide us?” Greene asked her constituents.

“Big media companies can take teeny tiny pieces of words that I have said and can portray us into someone we are not and that is wrong. Cancel culture is a real thing, it is very real”, stated Greene. “None of us are perfect. I want to work with all of you for our people. It should be America First, always.”

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