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Multiple Arrests Made; One Officer Hospitalized As Counter Protestors Crash ‘Trump 2024’ NYC March

Supporters of former President Donald Trump held a parade in New York City on Friday, but were met by counter-protesters. The event featured the unfurling of a 50-foot “Trump 2024” flag, and a march from Trump Tower to Times Square, but tensions flared after a counter-protest was staged.

A large crowd of Trump supporters marched down Fifth Avenue and carried Gadsden and thin blue line flags as well as large banners, including one showing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi depicted as being evil while ripping up a copy of Trump’s 2020 State of the Union speech.

As the Trump supporters made their way to Times Square, NYPD officers attempted to keep counter-protesters at bay. However, there were several tense exchanges and multiple arrests. 

Video journalist Ford Fischer from News 2 Share shared footage from the event, including the moment where a counter-protester confronted a group with “Asians for Trump” signs. The counter-protester gets in the face of one Trump supporter and screams, “Fight me, Fight me then!”

(Content Warning: Explicit language):

As Trump supporters marched down the street, the group stopped and several counter-protesters began yelling that someone had a knife,” Freedom News TV reported.

Video journalist Oliya Scootercaster of Freedom News TV shared footage of the Trump parade, including the arrests of several counter-protesters. As NYPD arrests one counter-protester, police officers find a hammer hidden in his jacket. The man said the hammer was for “protection.”

NYPD confiscated multiple weapons during the event, including brass knuckles and a knife. NYPD said one police officer was taken to the hospital after a liquid, which was believed to be bleach, was thrown into his eyes. 

“Four arrests were made for various crimes, including assaults on police officers and weapons possession,” NYPD announced on Twitter. “Violent actions will not be tolerated from those who claim to be ‘peaceful protestors.'”

Last Sunday, Trump made his first public appearance since Inauguration Day at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Trump hinted that he may run for president in 2024.

“But who knows, I may even decide to beat them for a third time,” Trump said, which made the CPAC crowd cheer loudly.

Source: The Blaze

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