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FACT CHECK: Race Baiting in the Mainstream Media


The Washington Post has an informative database on their site that logs every recorded police officer involved shooting that has occured since 2015. When I stumbled upon this database last week, I was actually pleasantly surprised that a very left-leaning source would be openly sharing this information.

The database has different filters to search by which include: “state”, “gender”, “race”, “age”, “mental illness”, “weapon”, “body camera”, “fleeing the scene” and lastly “year” (as I previously stated, the years include 2015 to what has occurred so far in 2021).


However, The Washington Post (AND THE ENTIRE MAINSTREAM MEDIA) needs to be fact-checked for leaving out vital information that contributes to why exactly blacks are killed at a disproportionate rate compared to white people.

The Post states that “although half of the people shot and killed by police are White, Black Americans are shot at a disproportionate rate. They account for less than 13 percent of the U.S. population, but are killed by police at more than twice the rate of White Americans. Hispanic Americans are also killed by police at a disproportionate rate.”

As of the date of this posting:

So far, in 2021,

112 WHITE people have been killed by police.

Of the 106 White people:

61 had a gun,
26 had a knife
5 used a vehicle
4 had a “toy weapon”
6 were “other”
5 were unarmed
5 were unknown

Of the 106 White people:

20 had a mental illness
92 were not mentally ill, or this data was unknown

So far, in 2021,

60 BLACK PEOPLE have been killed by police.

Of the 60 Blacks:

40 had a gun
7 had a knife
3 had a vehicle
4 were unarmed
5 unknown

Of the 60 Blacks:

9 had a mental illness
51 were not mentally ill, or this data was unknown

Now, all that the Washington Post tells us about Black vs. White officer involved shootings is that there are more White shootings than Black, but it’s disproportionate because Black people make up only 13% of the population.

This is highly MISLEADING and missing context because The Washington Post does not tell us how much CRIME percentages amongst each race affects this rate.

If more Whites are being killed by police officers because they make up more of the population, then Whites should ALSO be committing MORE violent crimes than Blacks (if it’s going to stay proportionate).

The mainstream media likes to make a huge deal out of the White mass shootings while leaving out or barely covering Black or Hispanic mass shootings. Why is this?

We heard about the FedEx facility shooting in which a disgruntled former employee named Brandon Scott Hole killed 8 people and himself in a terrible mass shooting.

Brandon Scott Hole

CNN also makes a tie between the shooter and supposed “white supremacy” ties as shown below.

We also heard about Robert Aaron Long and his shooting rampage at various spas throughout the state, killing 6 and wounding 1.

Robert Aaron Long

CNN wrote many articles about the horrible mass shooting as shown in the screenshot of a Google search below.

NBC labels him a “white man” (which he obviously is). The media also discusses Asian-hate, although different races died in the attack as well.

NBC article which details Long’s race

Clearly, the race of these White men is a main topic in these articles. The articles also bring up White supremacy, racism and hate crimes.

In this article about the officer involved shooting where Daunte Wright was killed during a traffic stop, CNN calls the police officer “white”.

Did you hear about Jason Nightengale who killed 5, and wounded 2 on January 9, 2021 in Chicago at a CVS Pharmacy?

Jason Nightengale

I didn’t. A quick Google search shows that some media outlets did report on it, but was more of the local news stations in Chicago where the event occured.

CNN referred to Nightengale in the one article they wrote about the mass shooting as “the gunmen” making no reference to the color of his skin. Apparently, one of Nightengale’s victims was Yiran Fan, a PhD student from China studying at the University of Chicago.

There is no mention of a hate crime in the article.

What about Malik Halfacre?

Malik Halfacre

Malik Halfacre killed 4 and wounded 1 (one of the dead victims was only 7 years old) on March 13, 2021 in Indianapolis over a stimulus check argument. CNN did actually put Halfacre’s photo in the body of their article but made no mention of race in any headline.

Raymond Childs III

A 17 year old Black boy was named Raymond Childs III was arrested after a January 24 2021 mass shooting against his family after a dispute with his father. He killed 6 family members, including an unborn child who belonged to his brother, and his brother’s girlfriend.

“Kezzie Childs, 42, Raymond Childs, 42, Elijah Childs, 18, Rita Childs, 13, and Kiara Hawkins, 19, and the unborn child of Hawkins were pronounced dead after being found in a home in the 3500 block of Adams Street, according to Sgt. Shane Foley of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department”, reported the Indy Star.

CNN makes no reference to Childs III race in the one article they posted regarding the mass shooting. They refer to him as a “teen” and “a suspect”.

Jarron Deajon Pridgeon

Jarron Deajon Pridgeon killed 6 and wounded 1 person at a home in Oklahoma on February 2, 2021.

CNN refers to Pridgeon as the “suspect”, making no references to his race. They also show no photo of Pridgeon in the two articles they posted about the mass shooting.

Headline of the CNN article

Now what is the point of sharing all these articles? It is to show how mainstream media likes to use race in headlines but only if they are talking about a white man’s violence. How about just calling the person a “man” regardless of race, then giving the photo and man’s name in the article? Obviously readers will be able to look at the photograph and see whether the person is black, white, hispanic, Asian, etc.

Below I will post a photo of all the mass shooters so far in 2021 (who have been identified). If you look at this photo, what do you see? Do you see rows and rows of white men like the mainstream media would like everyone to believe?

Why do you think people say “It’s always a crazy white man with a gun”? It’s really not always a crazy white man, but it’s always a crazy white man that the mainstream media focuses on. This link describes every mass shooting event so far this year, as well as years prior.

Remember, like the Washington Post database told us, Blacks are killed as a disproportionate rate to Whites.

According to the US Department of Justice, in 2019, this is how many Black vs. White people were charged of murder of manslaughter.

What can we draw from this chart? There are more White people total then Black. But for murder and manslaughter (violent crimes) there are more Black people committing those crimes, although they make up 13% of the population.

So that was 2019, but what about 2020 and 2021? Obviously the year isn’t over yet..but according to, here is some more information.


What conclusions about mass shootings in 2020 can be drawn from these percentages?

Factually, MALES committed the majority of mass shootings at a whopping 97%.

Factually, AGES 18-25 make up the highest percentage of mass shooters at 44%.

Factually, BLACKS make up 73% of mass shooters, (despite being only 13% of the population).


What conclusions about mass shootings (so far) in 2021 can be drawn from these percentages?

Factually, MALES have committed the majority of mass shootings, making up 95% of total mass shooters.

Factually, AGES 18-25 make up the highest percentage of mass shooters at 50%.

Factually, BLACKS make up 72% of mass shooters, (despite being only 13% of the population).

So WHY does the mainstream media leave out these identifying details that are very important to understanding the reality of violent crime in America?

WHY do they only focus on race when it is a White person committing the crime? If they are going to talk about White shooters only, or White cops killing a black person during an arrest, this portrays a very UNREALISTIC image of how America is operating today.


The media is race baiting and feeding into racist stereotypes prevalent in the Jim Crow era. America has come so far as a country and has worked hard to eliminate racism. But nowadays, the media focuses STRONGLY on it, by only pushing stories that fit the narrative. It’s absolutely ridiculous.

By leaving out important details, or only defining identifying details (like race) in certain situations, people who don’t really dig into this stuff are fed a FALSE narrative that they truly believe. They listen to the Washington Post who says that blacks are killed at a disproportionate rate by Police officers, than Whites people.

BUT they don’t know that the Washington Post is missing context that is absolutely vital. They are leaving out the other half in which Blacks are committing mass shootings and violent crimes at a DISPROPORTIONATE rate to Whites. That is just the reality of the situation.

Are Black people inherently violent or bad? No, I don’t believe so. There are many different reasons why blacks are committing around 72% of the murders every year, while only making up 13% of the population.

Like with ANY issue, the first step is admitting there is a problem. You can’t lie or mask the problem at hand and you really have to dig deep to the true, authentic root of it, no matter how uncomfortable things may be.


For starters, many Blacks grow up in poorer, all/or mostly-Black neighborhoods where crime is rampant and gangs are prevalent. Many Blacks grow up without ever knowing their father, or have a father who has been in and out of the system. Lets just be real, “babydaddy” is a phrase commonly used by Black women to describe the father figure of their child or children.

How many children does this “babydaddy” really have? Is he giving each of them love, attention, affection, and teaching them how to be a real man? Maybe he is, and if so that is great.Studies have shown that children thrive in a traditional family environment with 2 parents, a female and male.


So the issues behind the violence start at home, and they start within the neighborhood as well. Children learn from their peers, and if a child is taught that being a “gangster” is badass and what you should strive to be-with a “f*** the police” mentality, chances are he will go down a different path than a child who is taught that becoming a doctor, doing well in school and obeying the law is the way to be.

Also if there is more crime in Black neighborhoods, then Black people may need to defend themselves more often. The initial threat of violence leads to more violence.

So now WHY is the media continuing to push the narrative that White people are killing Black people? Why are they using identifying features like the color of someone’s skin only when describing White shootings against Black? Even when I googled “White man shot by Black man”, nothing comes up. It’s all just story after story of Black people killed by White men.

SCREENSHOTS (Images 1-4 below):


Blacks are killed by Police officers at a rate disproportionate to Whites because they commit most of the violent crimes DESPITE being only 13% of the population.

Washington Post left this extremely important detail out. For that, they are being FACT-CHECKED for providing missing context, which is dangerous when discussing such an important fact.

At the time of posting this, The Washington Post has not responded to my request for comment.

It is not always a “crazy White man with a gun”, that is just what the media wants you to believe. WHY?

They need to be held responsible for pushing people to the brink of a race war. There are people who fully believe that White people are going around just committing hateful mass shootings against certain people because of the Media.

If you’re going to talk about RACE when describing violent crime, you need to identify both WHITE and BLACK suspects. It cannot just be one race. This is why buildings and cities are being destroyed.

The main enemy in this story is the Mainstream Media. CNN, Washington Post, NY Times, NBC, ABC.

If anyone is angry at someone, it should be towards them. The Washington Post says how males commit most of the crimes as opposed to females. It discusses the age range factor. It even discusses areas in the country that have the most violent crimes and officer-involved shooting, but NOTHING about race. If they want to leave race out, fine. But they simply CANNOT give the fact that “Black people are killed at a disproportionate rate to Whites, without stating that BLACKS disproportionately commit the crimes at 72%.


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