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Putin Speaks With The President of France and the Prime Minister of India

The excerpts below have been directly copy and pasted from the Kremlin official website:

Telephone conversation with President of France Emmanuel Macron

During a telephone conversation held at the initiative of the French side, Vladimir Putin and President of the French Republic Emmanuel Macron had a serious and frank exchange of views on the situation in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin gave an exhaustive explanation of the reasons for and the circumstances in which the decision to start a special military operation was made. 

The parties agreed to stay in contact.

Telephone conversation with Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi

Vladimir Putin had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of the Republic of India Narendra Modi.

During the discussion of the situation around Ukraine, Vladimir Putin gave his principled assessment of Kiev’s aggressive actions against civilians in Donbass and also its long-standing destructive policy of seeking to dismantle the Minsk agreements. In these circumstances and given how the United States and its NATO allies have been expanding their military presence in Ukraine, which is unacceptable to Russia, the decision was taken to launch a special military operation. 

The Prime Minister of India was appreciative of the explanation and asked for assistance in ensuring the safety of Indian nationals who are currently in Ukraine. The President of Russia said that the necessary instructions would be given. 

Some aspects of bilateral cooperation were touched upon in the context of the Russian-Indian summit in New Delhi in December 2021.

It was agreed to continue contacts at various levels. 

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