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Russian Tanks Roll Through Ukraine As Some Kiev Residents Attempt to Flee West

(DAILY MAIL) With many suggesting that war had been declared overnight Wednesday heading into Thursday, residents in Kiev appeared to be filling up on gas and trying to exit the city via car and rail this morning just hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin moved in with tanks over the Belarusian border.

The reality of war has finally dawned on many Ukrainian residents who were in denial that Putin would actually invade. Many are now rushing for the western border to escape the incoming tanks as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky declared martial law.  

Explosions were heard in the Ukrainian capital and other major cities following Vladimir Putin’s announcement that a military operation had begun.

Photos and video showed Ukrainians driving out of Kiev Thursday morning, as air raid sirens wailed across the capital.  

Many were either heading for the exits or lining up in lengthy queues for gasoline, with some stopping at ATMs beforehand. 

Intense lines were also seen at Kiev’s Metro station with people attempting to get onto trains to flee the city. Some were just heading into the station to take refuge.

The Russian president announced the action during a televised address early on Thursday morning, saying the move was a response to threats from Ukraine.

He adds that Russia doesn’t have a goal to occupy Ukraine. Putin says the responsibility for bloodshed lies with the Ukrainian ‘regime.’

Putin also is warning other countries that any attempt to interfere with the Russian action will lead to ‘consequences they have never seen.’ 

Prior to Thursday, there had been some defiant attitudes from the people of Ukraine as to whether the Russians would actually go through with an invasion.

Ukrainians defied pressure from Moscow just last week with a national show of flag-waving unity on Wednesday, even as the West warned it has seen no sign of a promised pullback of Russian troops from the country’s borders.

President Volodymyr Zelensky, who declared the ‘unity day’ to coincide with the rumoured date of Putin’s invasion, addressed the nation after the attack failed to materialise – telling his countrymen that ‘we can defend our home only if we stay united.’

‘We are united by a desire to happily live in peace,’ he added, before flying via helicopter to a training range in Ukraine’s west where live-fire tank and aircraft drills were underway.

Across the country, people of all ages waved flags in the streets and from apartment windows as a two-fingered salute in the face of Putin’s threat to attack with some 150,000 troops massed on the borders.

Hundreds unfolded a 650ft flag at Kyiv’s Olimpiyskiy Stadium, while another was draped in a shopping centre in the capital. In the government-controlled part of Ukraine’s eastern region of Luhansk, where a war with Russian-backed separatists has simmered since 2014, residents stretched another huge flag across a street.

The Ukrainian Premier League, the nation’s top flight soccer competition, was originally due to restart after a two-month winter break, on Friday. 

The top flight takes a winter break each season and the clubs have not played since December 12. Mostly, they have been keeping warm and training in Turkey, which is on the other side of the Black Sea.

They are due back in action on Friday, February 25, when the second bottom club, Mynai, host fourth placed Zorya Luhansk. 

Ukraine’s border guard agency said Thursday morning that the Russian military has attacked the country from neighboring Belarus.

The agency said that the Russian troops unleashed artillery barrage as part of an attack backed by Belarus. They said the Ukrainian border guards were firing back, adding that there was no immediate report of casualties.

Soldiers in Ukraine stand by debris on Thursday morning after Russia announced a military operation against Ukraine 

Russian troops have deployed to its ally Belarus for military drills, a move that the West saw as a prelude to an invasion of Ukraine. 

The Ukrainian capital of Kyiv is about 50 miles south of the border with Belarus.

Ukraine’s president has declared martial law and urged citizens not to panic as Russia launched military strikes on the country, while the country’s foreign minister called it a ‘full-scale invasion’.

The Russian president announced the action during a televised address early on Thursday morning, saying the move was a response to threats from Ukraine.

Explosions were heard in the Ukrainian capital of Kyiv as well as Odesa and Kharkiv following Vladimir Putin’s announcement that the military operation had begun.

The sound of distant blasts were picked up in a live broadcast from US outlet CNN, causing reporter Matthew Chance to put on a flak jacket.

The Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, said that Russia has launched a ‘full-scale invasion of Ukraine’.

Smoke and flames engulf a power and heating plant generator in Shchastya, on the Ukrainian side of the front line, after being hit by shells fired from the separatist side

Mr Kuleba said that Ukraine would defend itself against the Russian aggression ‘and will win’.

He said: ‘Putin has just launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Peaceful Ukrainian cities are under strikes.

‘This is a war of aggression. Ukraine will defend itself and will win.The world can and must stop Putin. The time to act is now.’

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s ambassador at the United Nations has told the Security Council that Russian President Vladimir Putin has ‘declared war on Ukraine’.

He also pressed his Russian counterpart to state that Russia will not shell and bomb Ukrainian cities.

Ukrainian ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya said that if Russian ambassador Vassily Nebenzia was not in a position to give a positive answer, he should relinquish the presidency of the Security Council, which Russia holds this month.

The Ukrainian then asked for another emergency meeting of the Security Council, calling on the UN body ‘to stop the war because it’s too late to talk about de-escalation’.

Kyslytsya then asked if he should play the video of Mr Putin announcing military operations being launched in Ukraine.

Nebenzia replied: ‘This isn’t called a war. This is called a special military operation in Donbas.’

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said Russia’s attack on Ukraine was ‘the saddest moment’ of his five-year tenure.

Mr. Guterres urged the Russian president to withdraw his troops and added: ‘In the name of humanity do not allow to start in Europe what could be the worst war since the beginning of the century, with consequences not only devastating for Ukraine, not only tragic for the Russian Federation, but with an impact we cannot even foresee in relation to the consequences for the global economy.’

‘What is clear for me is that this war doesn’t make any sense,’ Mr Guterres added, stressing that it violates the UN Charter and would cause a level of suffering that Europe has not known since at least the 1990s Balkans crisis.

Asian stock markets plunged and oil prices surged after Mr Putin announced Russian military action in Ukraine.

Market benchmarks in Tokyo and Seoul fell 2% and Hong Kong and Sydney lost more than 3% on Thursday. Oil prices jumped nearly 3 dollars (£2.22) per barrel on unease about possible disruption of Russian supplies.

Earlier, Wall Street’s benchmark S and P 500 index fell 1.8% to an eight-month low after the Kremlin said rebels in eastern Ukraine asked for military assistance.


  1. How to understand Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine? To what does this unilateral action compare? Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus in 1974… A more ancient act of imperialism, the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland took place during the late 12th century.

    The latter example not now nearly as pertinent as the former. The issue at stake, centers not upon Russian interests to keep the Ukraine out of joining NATO, but rather the disgrace of UN hypocrisy and its silence to denounce and condemn this latest invasion by countries who dream, think France, that they should merit the status as a ‘Great Power’ in Europe.

    The UN repeats and perpetuates this continuous drip-cowardice; the UN condemns repeatedly ad infinitum the Jewish State of Israel. Yet when China pulls shtik with the Uyghurs of Xinjiang, likewise comparable to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, UN piety immediately loses its religion. Therefore, it seems to me that Nations should respond to UN hypocrisy by withdrawing membership from this House of Cards club.

    The Russia\China axis thrived during the Stalin\Mao era. China faces a similar fuel crisis as did Japan during WWII. Formosa and the Japanese Islands make control of the ocean quite formidable. Therefore China would very much like to conquer Taiwan. For China to fight and win a war that would most probably trigger multi-national involvement, it requires a secure ally which can supply it with oil and gas. Russia fits that need to a tee. Mao rejected Khrushchev’s denunciation of Stalin’s war crimes. That’s when Sino–Russian relations turns south.

    Russia, even after the fall of the USSR, remains the odd man out among Nato dominated Western European governments. The West, currently jabbering about sanctions blah blah. The Art of War centers upon crippling the supply lines of the enemy. A failure which defines the defeat of US imperialist invasions in both Vietnam and Afghanistan. Those supply lines represent the underbelly of the beast. Quite naturally all belligerent nations understand this critical weakness. A Sino-Russian alliance make tremendous good strategic sense for a new Cold War Russia.


  2. The basis by which Israeli strategic foreign policy endeavors to negotiate with India and the countries of the Middle East and North Africa.

    The non-alignment movement (NAM) promotes neutrality and opposes military alliances. The NAM provides a forum for developing countries to interact constructively with developed countries. The Panchsheel Resolution: POLICY OF RESISTING COLONIALISM, IMPERIALISM, RACISM:

    i) Mutual respect for another’s territorial integrity and sovereignty
    ii) No retaliation against one another.
    iii) No intrusion into each other’s personal lives.
    iv) Equality and mutual benefit
    v) Coexistence in harmony.

    Israel rejects and opposes attempts by foreign nations to determine the international borders of the Jewish State by any foreign nations which do not share a mutual international border with Israel. Distant foreign countries who attempt to determine the international borders of any other country which they do not share with an international border, whether conducted through “diplomacy” on an Ambassador level, or by means of the UN General Assembly resolutions and\or Security Council, that all such attempts violate international law by the crime of imperialism, and possibly racism.

    The Charter of the UN does not empower this post WWII establishment organization; the UN has no mandate to negate the internal domestic Sovereignty of any nation. How much more so, foreign powers possess no mandate to determine or establish the international borders of any non-neighboring countries with which they share no common border.

    Furthermore, any attempt to transform a stateless refugee population into an independent nation; any attempt to carve up one nation by means of an international proxy alliance, with the objective to establish any refugee non nation into a nation, with the intent to cut this refugee non nation away from any actual pre-existing nation, like British imperialism did with the artificial borders of India and Pakistan, Iraq and Kuwait, such actions define criminal militarism, colonialism and imperialism. Attempts of criminal imperialism, flagrantly/impudently\ violate International law. The illegal US military intervention and invasion into the Vietnam Civil War, the Iraq\Kuwait border dispute, and Afghanistan, these most recent examples, they serve as disgraceful attempts of Great Power imperialism.

    No foreign nation(ies) possess any moral mandate to determine the international borders of other countries to whom they do not mutually share a common border. How much more so, any and all attempts by any foreign country(ies) to impose or determine the Capital City and\or the borders of that Capital City, which any sovereign country has chosen as their Capital; which that People rule and establish order within their society and civilization. No foreign power, which includes the United Nations General Assembly or Security Council, has the power to unilaterally declare the borders or Capital City of any sovereign country on the Planet Earth.


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