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“This Is Not War, It’s Genocide”: VICIOUS STREET FIGHTS AND CHAOS IN KIEV As Two Missiles Hit APARTMENT Building, Injuring Innocent Civilians and Children

President Volodymyr Zelensky had warned that Russia would try to “storm” the capital in the early hours of today, as he called on Ukrainians to “stand firm” and take up arms where possible. The ministry of defense suggested that citizens make “Molotov cocktails” if necessary to prepare for the attack.

The Ukrainian leader scrambled to assemble an army to resist incoming Russian troops into Kiev, issuing a decree that banned all Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 from leaving the country. 

Ukrainian forces have so far repelled Russian troops from seizing Kiev after a long, brutal night of street fighting in the capital. 

The Ukrainian Armed Forces said there were “heavy battles ongoing” in one part of the city on Saturday morning, while “active combat” was taking place in some streets.

More than 50 explosions and heavy machine gun fire were heard overnight in the capital as Kiev residents took shelter in the city’s subway stations.

A view of a high-rise apartment block which was hit by recent shelling in Kyiv on February 26, 2022.

The area southwest of Kiev had been struck this morning by two missiles, with pictures showing significant damage to a residential tower block. Residents of the building detail the terror with their young daughter by their side.

These attacks continue to hit Ukraine despite promises from Russian President Vladimir Putin that he would not target civilians. The Kremlin leader was accused of war crimes yesterday following harrowing reports that Russia had shelled an orphanage and kindergarten in Volzel, just outside Kiev, causing casualties including children.

Mr Zelensky is understood to have rejected an offer from United States President Joe Biden to be evacuated from Kiev amid fears that Russian special forces are currently hunting him down.

The fight is here; I need ammunition, not a ride”, Zelensky declared to a senior American intelligence official on Friday, says The Associated Press who claims to have direct knowledge of the conversation.


  1. How to understand Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine?

    To what does this unilateral action compare? Turkey’s invasion of Cyprus in 1974? The border dispute, known as the Mexican American War of 1848? A more ancient act of imperialism, the Anglo-Norman invasion of Ireland took place during the late 12th century?

    The latter example not now nearly as pertinent as the former. The issue at stake, centers not upon Russian interests to keep the Ukraine out of joining NATO, but rather the disgrace of UN hypocrisy and its silence to denounce and condemn this latest invasion by countries who dream, think France, that they should merit the status as a ‘Great Power’ in Europe.

    The UN repeats and perpetuates this continuous drip-cowardice; the UN condemns repeatedly ad infinitum the Jewish State of Israel. Yet when China pulls shtik with the Uyghurs of Xinjiang, likewise comparable to the Turkish invasion of Cyprus, UN piety immediately loses its religion. Therefore, it seems to me that Nations should respond to UN hypocrisy by withdrawing membership from this House of Cards club.

    The Russia\China axis thrived during the Stalin\Mao era. China faces a similar fuel crisis as did Japan during WWII. Formosa and the Japanese Islands make control of the ocean quite formidable. Therefore China would very much like to conquer Taiwan. For China to fight and win a war that would most probably trigger multi-national involvement, it requires a secure ally which can supply it with oil and gas. Russia fits that need to a tee. Mao rejected Khrushchev’s denunciation of Stalin’s war crimes. That’s when Sino–Russian relations turns south.

    Russia, even after the fall of the USSR, remains the odd man out among Nato dominated Western European governments. The West, currently jabbering about sanctions blah blah. The Art of War centers upon crippling the supply lines of the enemy. A failure which defines the defeat of US imperialist invasions in both Vietnam and Afghanistan. Those supply lines represent the underbelly of the beast. Quite naturally all belligerent nations understand this critical weakness. A Sino-Russian alliance make tremendous good strategic sense for a new Cold War Russia.

    It seems to me, that the art of politics centers upon whose feet a person can singe in the fire. As a person with duel citizenship, do not want the US to go to war over the Ukraine and Israel ,,, Simply — Hell No. So who can the public hold accountable? For me there’s a simple solution. Denounce, condemn, and expel the UN from New York.

    Weaknesses to my arguments … Brought no proof of US sanctions against Russia. Sanctions constitute part of Washington’s standard operating procedures. The US frequently boycotts, for example, the Olympics. The Russian pipeline to Germany … its almost completed. But Washington opposes this economic alliance with Russia. The Ukraine invasion serves as a pretext for Washington to exert diplomatic pressure opposing the completion of this pipeline. A knee-jerk reaction which Moscow fully expects. Both Russia and China would like to take the dominance of the international US dollar down a notch or two.

    Also my opening blog made no attempt to argue, much less prove, that the UN exists as an illegitimate bastard child of the Allied victors of WWII. This seems an obvious given to me, seeing that the League of Nations spouted out of the puss of the Great Powers following WWI. The UN invites all nation who agree to honor their charter. The UN Charter mandates that the UN and its member states will maintain international peace and security, uphold international law, achieve “higher standards of living” for their citizens, address “economic, social, health, and related problems”, and promote “universal respect for, and observance of, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language, or religion.

    What a pompous highfalutin load of political rhetoric. North Korea honors this narishkeit in the breach. The UN has never expelled a member nation for violating its “charter”. Lastly the Ukraine, originally part of ‘Mother Russia’. Russia has every right to determine its international borders which directly involve the Ukraine. States who share no common border with Russia, unlike Poland and the Ukraine, they have no business what so ever getting directly involved in this border dispute. Why? Whenever a foreign country which shares no common border with other countries, should a “hostile State” attempt to impose the borders of any country to which it shares no common borders, such a policy defines the criminal war crime known as “Imperialism”.

    The Ukraine shares a 530 km border with Poland. Its one thing for an invading army to conquer a country like the criminal Bush Administration conquered Iraq. Something all together different for that invader country to hold and maintain Order within that conquered country. This invasion, it promises gorilla warfare for many years to come.

    Unless Mother Russia commits millions of troops to enforce the extension of its international borders to include the disputed Ukraine\Russian borders. Should Moscow commit itself to such a policy, it seems very reasonable to equally assume that if the border with Poland proved itself as hostile … that the Russian military could patrol and close down the borders between Poland and the Ukraine. Poland has a long history, wherein Great European powers – have carved that country, something like a Thanks-Giving turkey, into divide ‘spheres of interest’. Russia, unlike France, it primarily fought and defeated the Nazis. Without any question or doubt it qualifies as a “Great Power” within the States of Europe.

    The French poodle, all it can do – bark like a dog. France has made noise for so long. Russia has gotten used to its empty bark which has no bite. England, remains an occupied nation by the US military forces. It hardly qualifies, especially since the total collapse of its empire, as a Great Power State within Europe. And perhaps this reality nails the 2nd world status of Western European nations, straight upon the head. Post WWII, Europe has no mandate as a Great Power in international politics. Phony attempts by these wannabe, former Great Powers, to impose their criminal imperialism upon nations to which they share no common borders, merits the respect shown to a person who farts in an elevator.

    This brings us full circle back to the UN talking puppet. The UN attempts continually to impose borders upon nations. The states who vote these criminal policies in both the UN General Assembly and the Security Council, they share no common borders with the nations which UN meddling seeks to establish. The obligation of diplomacy rests first and foremost with the nations who share a border dispute eruption.

    But what so often transpires alien foreign nations, together with their Press make ad hominem irrational slanders against the leaders of a dispute country which they oppose. Nation states always have strategic interests which have thrived and lived on from generation to generation. State strategic interests vis a vis border state nations do not change like a fashion model removes outfits from off her body. Leaders, both talented and incompetent, come and go — but the strategic interests of a Nation remain permanently fixed.

    The irrational and utterly absurd ad hominem slander attacks foreigners condemn the leaders of conflict nations, this reveals the shallow hollow nature of the people who make these ad hominem slanders, not the leaders who set the policy of State to achieve strategic national interests.


    1. Absolutely. This is a very legitimate comment. And very true. The media portrays things in a very basic and childish light. As if Putin suddenly woke up and said..”I think I’ll invade Russia!” This clown show of an administration paired with us involving ourselves in the dispute over the Donbas Region. The United States needs to understand that our meddling has consequences. We helped install a government that would favor the Western European states. The media is not delving into the reality. I wrote a draft on this last night but only half way through) as to the reasoning behind why Putin got to this point. And for the United States to make these ridiculous claims and not own up to the reality is pure insanity. With the media leading the charge. Now is Russia perfect? No. No country is. Leaders may overreact and there are a bit of two sides to every story. But why is NATO so blatantly disrespecting Russia? Over and over again. Putin had enough. He’s showing the world that he doesn’t mess around. For years he’s been this boogeyman that the media and mainly democrats love to pick on-creating lies. I think he finally said I’m done with this. You wanna see a “killer”? Ill show you one. Type thing. Now I don’t think that targeting hospitals or apartments is ever acceptable, but the Ukrainians have been staging attacks and the world ignores that. My stepmoms parents live in Moscow. Love Russian culture. They don’t want this, most of them. So for the world to jump on a “Putin hate train” because he is an “evil dictator” is ridiculous.

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